Consulting Services

ComplySoft can lead the organisation through the risk management steps to reach compliance.

Our consulting support enables executive management to control, and the Board to be confident when taking responsibility for the organisation's compliance with applicable legislation and rules.

ComplySoft offers a variety of tailored Consulting solutions depending on organisation size, the volume of legislation being managed and the number of responsible individuals within the organisation involved with compliance.

The key to successful compliance is a combination of technology and integration into the culture of the organisation.  This can often take extensive time, effort and valuable resources away from the core business.  ComplySoft consultants provide dedicated support for the implementation and integration of the compliance risk management process within the organisation.

ComplySoft offers flexible services and the highest levels of customer service enabling organisations to manage compliance to the highest standards.



  • Skilled and trusted advisers on hand
  • Product specific and comprehensive training
  • Software implemented and integrated while training
  • Board workshops and desk-side training
  • Knowledge transfer from experienced consultants
  • Internal controls, policies, procedures and processes adopted
  • Issues identified and resolved at implementation
  • Executive skills at an effective cost
  • Board confidence in compliance reports from a single trusted and dependable source supported by robust process
  • Reduced cost and time of compliance implementation
  • Reduced time and cost of employee training
  • Consistent implementation of policy and procedures
  • Compliance consistently embedded within the culture of the organisation providing a strong foundation for growth and competitive advantage