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kite logo contract governance

"Kite has become my right hand assistant - it always finds my documents immediately, and also allows controlled access to others without using any of our department's resources. It has saved time and money as a result of alerts regarding renewals"

Company Secretary, international group


document safe and universal access


Kite enables enterprise-wide access through a hierarchy of controls and permissions - anyone who is authroised can access any document , anywhere, any time.

Kite controls ownership, access permissions, reminders, renewals and good governance.

Alerts and exception reporting ensure break clauses are actioned and contracts renewed on time, thereby providing efficient and effective cost management.


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screen shots:


key features:

  • Role based, secure access to documents
  • Alerts to prompt actions
  • Single point of access for all documentation
  • Good governance guidance
  • Global enterprise access while original documents remain safe
  • Exception-based management reporting