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"The size and diversity of our Board required an anonymous self-assessment.  Hawk successfully identified, for me and the Board, the areas of variance and areas of risk and concern.  This has enabled us to focus on remedying these issues."



assessment and analysis

Hawk is either a checklist or an assessment.  It is made up of prepared or self-designed questions, answers and related values.  Results are colour-coded for ease of reference.  Evidence, information and documents are attached to prove completion of work, progress at a point in time, transparency and due process. 

Help instructions can be tailored to ensure that the user performs the assessment as required to achieve compliance consistency.

Audit trails, management reports and evidence ensure all work is completed in accordance with required procedures.



screen shots:

Screen Shot 1Screen Shot 2Screen Shot 3Screen Shot 4

key features:

  • Fast assessment of current status
  • Flexible framework for bespoke assessments
  • 360 degree assessments
  • Full audit trail
  • 100% confidential if required
  • Evidence & documents loaded for transparency
  • Evidential quality
  • Safety of originals & content

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