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  • falcon - execute
  • hawk - assessment
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  • kite - control
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Which ComplySoft

solution suits

your needs?

Automate & embed activities, ensure transparency & provide evidential proof

Self assessments, checklists, traffic light questionnaires, audit & decision making aids with evidential proof

Capture data needed for compliance and risk management for a specific requirement

Best practice filing & pro-active alert management of content & dates for documents & actions

.....or use a combination of products to achieve your objectives

You need Falcon You need Hawk You need Kestrel You need Kite  
Falcon Compliance Management Hawk Kestrel Kite Examples

Audit processes

Due diligence processes

Sales process controls

ACD processes

Portfolio valuation procedures

Board Assessments
Compliance health-check
Due diligence checklists

Risk versus reward

Decision making matrix

Employee controls

Employer's Immigration
Absentee and leave control

Healthcare workers

Visa & passport control

Good governance

In-house company secretary

Diary reminders

Document safe-keeping

Secure accessible filing

Non-misleading information

KYC process management

Healthcare recruitment control

Management dashboards

File review audit