• product overview
  • falcon - execute
  • hawk - assessment
  • kestrel - capture
  • kite - control
  • examples
falcon logo example

"The benefit we gain from the KYC package is the insurance that the process, controlled by Falcon, is followed correctly for each new client and the documents required, controlled by Hawk, are securely in place.  As a FSA regulated entity, we need to be able to prove our processes - Hawk and Falcon allow us to access our data very efficiently without utilising vaulable staff time."

FSA regulated Wealth Manager


combined solutions

"We use Falcon to manage the process of file control, Hawk to manage the document collation and Kite to set reminders around work required in response to document expiry."

Recruitment agency

"We use Kite to hold the documents of our clients, loaded at the source office that owns the client relationship.  This allows all offices within the group worldwide, within defined permission levels, to access the documents, ensuring document safe-keeping yet efficient accessibility.  Alerts ensure prompt review action takes place."

UK solicitor


screen shots:


key features:

  • Alerts ensure prompt action
  • Checklist ensure correct results achieved
  • Decision-making questionnaires allow for non-subjective reviews
  • Self-assessments ensure 100% confidentiality
  • Document management is controlled in terms of good governance structures
  • Reporting ensures management oversight