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"We had left our Sponsor's Licence application late and our industry was experiencing a number of uncertainties, but Kestrel enabled us to get our application in quickly without undue use of our restricted internal resources"

HR Manager in the Hotel industry


immigration & HR compliance


Kestrel Employers' Immigration Compliance (KEIC) is geared to provide HR managers with a reasonable amount of immigration information.  

This is achieved through the embedding of knowledge and logic with various fields.  e.g. KEIC knows the immigration status of all countries and knows which visa have certain requirements.

KEIC aims to guide the organisation into becoming and remaining compliant, beginning with the application for a Sponsor's Licence.  Ongoing compliance is seamlessly and efficiently maintained and due process can be proven.




screen shots:

Screen Shot 1Screen Shot 2Screen Shot 3Screen Shot 4

key features:

  • PBS regulations functionality embedded in logic
  • Seamlessly manage migrant employees
  • Manage HR functions for all employees
  • Alerts generated around immigration functionality
  • Reporting geared to manage immigration document timelines

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