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"Falcon ensures that jobs are performed efficiently and effectively, and retains an evidence trail.  Having a single source for information and documents saves us hours every day.  Falcon is quick to embed, easy to use, and provides improved management information."

Administration Manager - Financial Services



enterprise compliance with procedures

Falcon is a framework that allows you to control how processes are performed to ensure that all employees are performing all the required functions in the way you need them to, all the time, on time.

In relation to regulations, best practice and internal policy, you define all the process steps, validation, monitoring and alert points that allow you to manage the manager and your employees to perform their tasks the way you want them to.
Time is not used to query or follow up.  Reporting and alerts are on an exception basis.

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screen shots:

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key features:

  • Adapts to your workflow specifications
  • Executes workflows in a single system
  • Overdue action alerts
  • Personalised exception reporting
  • Allocates tasks to relevant employees
  • Re-assigns tasks as required
  • Accurate management information
  • Proof of due process immediately available
  • Evidential quality